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Role-playing games! Let's discuss 'em.

What's your top 3 of all time? Best story? Best fighting style?

Anyone have Chaos Rings from  App Store? Worth it?

What's a really good modern tactical RPG?
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I want to try Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I have Fallout and think it's pretty cool (although the fighting is more free form). I also enjoyed the hell out of Fable and Fable 2. Currently I'm playing Dragon Age Origins, which is the most involved RPG for XBox that I've played. You can get so involved with it, managing the most minute details of your party. Elder Scrolls IV was pretty similar in the setup and character options. However, the story in Dragon Age is better in my opinion (or the choices you can make are more varied, leading to different outcomes that make it a more involved experience). So that's what I've played. I've never played a Final Fantasy game so I'm not sure if I should buy the one that's available for 360 since I have no idea what the story has been.
About Final Fantasy; none of the games are connected.
Each one has its own story. Feel free to play them in any order.

As for me, I played the order of VII, VIII, IX, X, Tactics, IV, a bit of XII, and then XIII.
V and VI are next on the menu.
Only 3, huh. You're killing me here.

Chrono Cross
Grandia II (Best Fighting Style)
Tales of Vesperia (Best Story, out of the list)
Skies of Arcadia Legends. hands down one of the greatest rpgs ever.
Yes. Yes. YES.
Final Fantasy Tactics. Persona 3. Skies of Arcadia. As far as just combat is concerned I like Front Mission 3 but that's more of an SRPG thing. I'd like to think it still counts though.

Chaos Rings is kind of interesting with the little time I've put into it. Combat is unique in that you can solo each action or attack in a pair but it leaves you vulnerable for an attack from a stupid strong enemy that could potentially wipe you out in one hit. Everything I've read about it says it's something like 8-10 hours long just for one of the four teams so I'd guess it's worth it maybe. I'm enjoying it thus far.
i got the original persona when they rereleased it for the psp... AUGH. i can't wait for 3 to come out, though.
1) masseffectmasseffectmasseffectmasseffect!
2) paper mario 64 (seriously words cannot express my undying love for this game.)
3) does WoW count? because i'm deff. putting that down. i always found WoW to be a fantastic game.