sykopathicfairy (sykopathicfairy) wrote in gamerfucks,

Problems with ODST

I have a friend who is having a HUGE issue with ODST.

When you play the campaign.. the first item you find is the helmet in the video screen, when you go to pull it out you get a blue screen and disc read error. also, he can only play 2 maps of firefight without getting a disc read error.

His XBOX is from 08/06 and he has a 120 gig HD. He has had more than one copy of the game also.


We have used his disc in our xbox Manufacture date 06/06 and husband's 120 harddrive, works fine.

We have used it with my xbox from 08 and my 20 harddrive, works fine.  

I have save files from Halo 3 but only offline campaign from my son who's file isnt registered on XBL.

My friend has all the info possible from Halo 3, all the maps and everything.

He deleted them, still didn't work. He downloaded teh game to his Harddrive and it still didnt work.


This is about all the info I have on the subject. He is extremely pissed to say the least. He has been reading posts over at bungie, (80 pages of complaints similar), without finding any sort of solution.


I was hoping maybe someone knows what I am talking about and has a new suggestion. Maybe even a solution.

Tags: sup bro? halo?
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